Design Tech Homes is proud to be affiliated with ENERGY STAR, a voluntary U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program, and be recognized as one of the country’s most outstanding ENERGY STAR builders. Understanding the benefits to homeowners and the environment, Design Tech is committed to building energy efficient homes in Texas.


Introduced by the EPA in 1992, ENERGY STAR began as a voluntary program to identify and promote energy efficient products that help to save energy and protect the environment. Today, most people recognize the ENERGY STAR label, associate it with energy savings and energy efficiency, and are influenced by it in their purchases.

About ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

ENERGY STAR certified homes deliver better performance, durability and comfort while reducing utility and maintenance costs. For instance, a new ENERGY STAR certified home:

  • Uses up to 30% less energy.
  • Saves homeowners hundreds of dollars in annual utility costs.
  • Provides a constant source of filtered air to reduce indoor pollutants, dust, pollen, and other allergens.
  • Is a tightly sealed home that helps reduce drafts, moisture, dust, pollen, and noise.
  • Has a higher resell value, making it a smart investment.
  • Gives homeowners peace of mind knowing their home meets the strict guidelines for energy efficiency.

Design Tech Homes, the ENERGY STAR Builders Building Only Energy Efficient Homes

As a custom home builder, Design Tech has the flexibility to build a 100% green home, but typically takes a more cost-effective approach called Sensible Green Building. This approach blends quality design and construction with eco-friendly products and building methods. With this approach, it is possible to build an affordable home on your lot that is inspected and certified to not only meet, but exceed energy saving requirements. In fact, all Design Tech homes are built to exceed standards required of an ENERGY STAR certified home.

Recognizing the important contribution Design Tech Homes has made to energy-efficient construction and environmental protection, the EPA named DTA 2017 Energy Star Certified Homes Market Leader. Design Tech has received this award every year since 2006.

With a Design Tech home, you can enjoy reduced energy bills while living in a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment. Make a smart investment by building an ENERGY STAR home with Design Tech.

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