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5on Google,Jan 08, 2021
Aracely Ramirez
After searching for a builder for a year, we made our decision to go with Design Tech Homes. It was the best decision for us. They exceeded our expectations! They understood our vision in building our modern farm house in the city. We look forward to living in our home for many years to come!
5on Google,Dec 26, 2020
Sue Steen
Design Tech Homes built me the home of my dreams!! I designed a Mid Century Modern look home and they understood what I wanted including the round AC vents!! I would build with Design Tech again!! Thank you to their team!!
5on Google,Dec 15, 2020
Design Tech finished up our home in July and everything we asked for we got. It is Beautiful. It turned out perfect. We loved working with Gabe, Andrew and Ruby along with the rest of the team. We have had minimal issues with our home since we have moved in and when we do find something that was missed on final walkthrough they are there to make it right as soon as possible. One of the things we loved about Working with Design Tech was that we were able to modify their floor plan to fit our needs such as raising ceiling height, adding a back porch area and turning half baths into full baths. It is very energy efficient for its size and we get compliments constantly from neighbors and guests on how much they love the design and layout.
5on Google,Dec 11, 2020
Alvaro Castellanos
I finished my home in the Woodlands with Design Tech homes a few months ago. The entire time they were extremely accommodating to my questions and any issues that arose during the process were fairly handled. I recently had a small warranty issue with my home and was extremely satisfied that Edgar handled it as soon as I called. My wife and I are very happy with our new home.
5on Google,Dec 11, 2020
Rohan Hari
I recently completed my home in South Houston with Design Tech Homes and had a great experience. Although building a custom home can be difficult, they were there at every turn to make sure things ran smoothly. My project manager Gabe was always available for questions and was of great help. Would definitely recommend.
5on Google,Dec 09, 2020
Sandra Santos
We were very happy with our completed home. The process was smooth from beginning to end. We enjoyed working with Pat and Gabe. They were very professional and made sure our needs were met. Construction was ahead of schedule. We broke ground in March and our home was completed in September. We would definitely recommend DTH as your future home builder.
5on Google,Nov 18, 2020
Misty Skelton
We are so happy with our new home! Design Tech made the process easy by managing expectations appropriately, communicating weekly with updates, mitigating any/all concerns promptly. Interaction was always professional and the quality of work is outstanding.
5on Google,oct 13, 2020
Have you tried building a new home and having a baby during a pandemic? Well, we have! The entire DTH team was very respectful, responsive, caring and prompt with any concerns during the build process. We have built a home prior to this one so we knew to expect delays. DTH actually stayed ahead of schedule and we appreciated that. The quality of materials is 100% legit. The quality of the subcontractors can use improvement. But, like I mentioned any concerns were handled promptly with no push back. I recommend to request the following team members: Karen K., Andrew L. and Robert O. We are very grateful for each one of you! Thank you, DTH!
5on Google,Sep 16, 2020
Tina Lockridge
DTH has been great to work with on our new custom home. Ours is not your typical home as it is built on concrete piers with lots of custom features. They have stepped up to make our dream home come true! Everyone we have had contact with are very professional and want to help whenever they can. Definitely recommend DTH as a builder.
5on Google,Sep 16, 2018
Shawn Jones
Design Tech Homes always meets or exceeds industry standards with their homes. Every single home is ENERGY STAR® certified for comfort and energy savings. The most hailed energy efficiency program in the nation, ENERGY STAR is a voluntary national program developed by the U.S. Department of Energy. Design Tech Homes requires independent inspectors to evaluate each component of the home, such as windows, insulation, orientation, heating, air conditioning, and structural integrity.
5on BirdEye,May 02, 2017
It’s been 3 years since we built our home it was the first home of the design built.Design Tech allowed me to make changes to fit my likes.Everyone who assist with this was great and made the process so easy.I still visit for Ideas and just to look at the beautiful homes they have. Thanks Design Tech
5on BirdEye,Aug 24, 2015
Andre G.
Excellent, Heather had answers to all our questions and really explained the whole process. we feel that if we go with DT we will have a good experience.
5on BirdEye,Aug 02, 2015
Paul Van D.
Robert was very helpful and gave us the information we needed. He showed us the Design Center, answered questions and gave us a brochure
5on Google,May 13, 2018
Karen Spinnenweber
4on Google,Apr 26, 2018
Language And Art Centers
3on BirdEye,, Mar 30, 2018
Luz O.
You can do much better if you have the right people working for your company.
3on Google,Feb 25, 2018
Asa Dove
5on Google,Jan 25, 2018
Amy Trlicek
Beautiful homes!
5on Google,Dec 26, 2017
Grace Couch
Got flooded. Will reopen soon. New designs.
5on Google,Nov 27, 2017
Linda Martinez
Great company. Employees are very professional and knowledgeable. DTH built a beautiful home for us. Materials are top notch, they don’t cut corners. The amount quoted to build was accurate. We did not have to come up with any additional funds. As a matter of fact, we received a refund for money not used.
There is another home in our neighborhood built by DTH. The homeowners were very gracious and let me see their home. Construction of their home is also top quality and they spoke highly of DTH.
We love our home and all our neighbors tell us we have a beautiful home.
Travis our construction manager, went above and beyond his call of duty to accommodate and always returned our calls. He was very knowledgeable and helpful.
God blessed us with a beautiful home and grateful that we chose DTH. I would highly recommend DTH to anyone.
5on Google,Nov 25, 2017
Una Morrison
This was our first time building a new home. The experience was wonderful, mostly because of an excellent project manager, Danny Balmer. We are so pleased we went with this company because although wewere really shocked at how much dirt they recommended to place the slab safely, we are now reaping the benefits after experiencing the worst flooding in our area for years. We were “high and dry” when others were not so fortunate. Their due diligence paid off and for that we are really grateful. They also built an exceptional home!
5on Google,Nov 25, 2017
5on Google,Oct 27, 2017
Jacob Brock
4on Google,Oct 27, 2017
serbando gomez
3on Google,Oct 26, 2017
Natalie Nagy
Currently not showing because of flooding
5on Google,Sep 26, 2017
Brigitte Weston
The folks at Design Tech are all awesome!! Delightful to work with and quality workmanship, too!
5on BirdEye,Sep 22, 2017
Trey S.
Excellent experience throughout. We always felt important and whatever we wanted to change or do differently it happened. Any and all questions were always answered. Looking forward to getting in our new house.
5on Google,Aug 26, 2017
Anthony Ybarra
4on Google,Aug 26, 2017
Prophetess Bernadette Hudson
Beautiful homes!!!!! Must see
5on Google,Aug 26, 2017
Kenneth Trlicek
All model homes are amazing, inside and out. Complete yards, pools, etc. Great ideas.
5on Google,Jul 27, 2017
Donna Carlton
5on BirdEye,Jul 16, 2017
Jared C.
Very satisfied with the overall home buying experience with Design Tech. We would definitely recommend them for anyone considering a custom home.
4on BirdEye,Sep 22, 2017
Clayton J.
Just finished the design process and hope to start construction shortly. The sales and design process what tedious and lengthy, but then I’m sure that is common with building a custom home. The plan came out great and the price makes the purchase have good value.
4on Google,Jun 26, 2017
Bridget Moore
5on Google,Jun 26, 2017
bennie Leija
5on Google,Jun 26, 2017
Jimmy Virgadamo
Great food
5on Google,May 28, 2017
אברהם סלומון
If you are looking for a great custom house you should call Bethany Jones.
5on Google,May 28, 2017
Jon Bowers
DTH made building my new home a pleasure. Very professional with great communication. Highly recommended.
5on BirdEye,May 28, 2017
T. Travieso
We did it!!! We have finally finished our forever home with Design Tech Homes!! YAY!!! As with everyone else, we started out talking to many custom home builders until we FINALLY decided on Design Tech. What made us decide to pick them? It was their unmatched customer service and know-how of the home building process. The owner, Mike Feigin, is very knowledgeable about home building and if you have not attended one of his seminars, you should.
We built our home in Blanco, Texas. We were both nervous, but it was flawless…we had the best experience ever! I cannot say enough about the Area Manager Ryan Bruton and our Construction Manager Ryan Cummings. They are the dynamic duo, absolutely the best!!! From the first time they scrapped the dirt to start putting up all the boards for the foundation, to the very end, of adding caulking to the edges to seal the cooktop…they were with us. We knew about every single step in the process and RC was with us, helping, suggesting, correcting. He made us feel like this was HIS home. He cared.
We walked into our dream home for our final meeting and it’s breathtaking. It’s OUR DREAM HOME come to life! It’s been a long time that I found a place where all the employees, from Ofelia helping with all the paperwork and fantastic patience during the design process, to Ruby and Elaina with Draw Requests, and “The Ryan’s”, no words for those two guys, they were all so wonderful. Anything we needed, they were ready, they responded promptly, they resolved or provided whatever was needed. Amazing group of people. it all goes back to the President, Mike Anderson, who is a man that cares about the customer, us, the home builder. So, so great with us.
I strongly recommend you give it a whirl. Go to one of Mike’s seminars about home building. He will open your eyes to things you didn’t even think about. Lots of planning and lots of research that he recommends. For ANY builder you choose. But more importantly, I strongly recommend selecting Design Tech Homes to build your custom dream home. They CARE. You will get the home you have always wanted. It was the best experience in the world for us, and I would do it again!!! Anthony and Teresa Travieso
Blanco, Texas
5on Google,May 27, 2017
Dwight Osteen
This is THE place to go if you need a custom home built. The staff is friendly and the owners are incredibly nice people.
5on Google,May 27, 2017
Kym Butler
Awesome model homes
5on Google,May 27, 2017
Beau Pedraza
The staff at Design Tech have helped me fill in the holes that divide my knowledge and what I need to know to own my soon-to-be-built home. Costs have been kept where I want them, and I get to ha e everything I want in a first home.
I highly recommend them as an alternative to the cookie cutter builders we all grew up with.
5on Google,May 27, 2017
Leah Sheppard
My husband and I moved into our Design Tech Home in 2010. The whole process was very smooth and fun. We had a few issues with some building flaws with a couple of the previous contractors. Design Techstood by us and took care of us throughout the whole process. No questions were ever asked by the DT team. Our house is 7 years old and I love it. My husband and I have been so impressed with Design Tech and the whole team that we have started building our 2nd home. When we went in July of 2016 and talked with Heather she guided us through the whole process smoothly. The day we closed on our new home we felt like they rolled out the red carpet. We are so happy with our decision to build a 2nd Design Tech home. I have heard some of the horror stories that a couple of friends have had with their builders and that makes me so glad we have someone that has taken care of us all the way through it all. Fabulous job Design Tech!!
4on Google,May 27, 2017
Charisse Stone
5on Google,May 27, 2017
Joseph Wang
You will need patience with this company. their construction takes time. At the end, the home is worth the price tag.
5on Google,May 27, 2017
Mitchell Benson
Beautiful place to look at. If your looking for a new house come here first
4on Google,May 27, 2017
Ryan Reames
Really cool place to get home design ideas, but also WAY too expensive. Unless you are actively looking to build, I wouldn’t shell out the $20 per person entry fee.
5on Google,May 27, 2017
Anthony Hodge
Very beautiful homes. I love walking though, there and some very interesting designs, as well as furniture to choose from.
4on Google,May 27, 2017
Punit Hinsu
Loved the whole concept of seeing different types of houses and being able to purchase almost any of the furnishings inside. Unfortunately most of the stuff that was there at the time that we visited was not our style. But since inventory changes often, would love to go again later. Good customer service as well.
3on Google,May 27, 2017
Ashley G
5on BirdEye,Jan 03, 2017
The entire San Antonio team we worked with was very knowledgeable and helpful. It’s been a good experience thus far.
5on BirdEye,Oct 26, 2016
Louella R.
We moved into our custom Design Tech built home last May and are very happy with the overall process and the beautiful result. All of the Design Tech team are very professional and knowledgeable. There were some issues during the design and build but those we well addressed as have been the few warranty items that we have reported. Our new neighbors were impressed with our builder versus the other builder in the neighborhood who let trash blow down the street, etc. Several people commented while the house was going up about how well built it was. Some builders take shortcuts and cover up mistakes but that’s not how Design Tech does business. We can highly recommend this company.
5on Facebook,Sep 12, 2016
David Mcsween
5on BirdEye,Aug 23, 2016
Larry H.
Overall our experience went well, great customer service and helping us out on what to expect.
4on Google,May 28, 2016
James Beswick
This is an interesting concept if you’re thinking about building a home, and you can certainly be inspired by some of the model homes and their ultra-upgraded interiors. We received complimentary tickets directly from a salesperson so for a free visit there’s plenty to see and you get a good sense of how some of the plans can be constructed in real life. On the flip side, I wouldn’t pay $20 a person for the same experience, and given the level of upgrades you might be disappointed with the actual standards that you can really afford. Still, as a small theme park for custom homes, it’s a novel place to spend an afternoon.
5on Google,May 27, 2016
5on Google,May 27, 2016
Cheryle Lapsley
My parents had a Design Tech home built several years ago. Their home is beautiful and they are very happy with their experience. They love their home so much that several neighbors have had Design Tech homes built as well.
I hope it is part of my inheritance…lol
5on Google,May 27, 2016
Priscilla Bell
My husband and I started our house hunting journey back in 2013 when the housing market was at it’s peak. We were determined to live “in the city”, but as first time home buyers the pricing in which our budget could afford didn’t offer us much to write home about. After many months of searching we finally found the perfect lot with a tear down home that we decided to buy and build a house on (even if it was tiny). It would be new and we would be exactly what we wanted it to be.
Fast forward a few months and we had finally settled on some custom house plans we found online and purchased the files. Being new to the the building process we started submitting for bids to custom home builders. This process crushed our dreams due to the fact that every BOYL custom home builder we sent our plans to sent us a bid way over our alloted budget. [Enter our Design Tech Homes sales rep Brian Bromberg] I explained to him that he was our last ditch effort to build with these particular set of plans or we were going to have to scrap them completely so I needed the best pricing he could offer. To my surprise, and very quickly might I add, he came back and said he felt we could make it work. We were so elated to hear this news, yet still cautiously optimistic. After moving through all of the necessary steps we took the plunge and decided to sign a contract with Design Tech Homes. Brian was extremely patient and constructive during this process and even though he has a family and a life outside of his work, he went above and beyond to call/meet us after hours and on the weekends. Fast Forward again a few more months, contract signed and we are ready to start construction, yayyyy!!! Then came the 3 month monsoon… Clearly, no one can predict or control weather delays and anyone who has built a home knows that beginning phases of construction requires dry weather which seemed to not to even be in sight. After months of waiting around for the rain to stop we finally saw some sunlight and our current construction manager Ross Gonzales was able to get our foundation poured and frame up in the small window of opportunity that we had. Shortly after this was complete, Ross was promoted to area manager and informed us that our project was going to be taken over by a new construction manager they hired from a competitor builder.
[Enter Todd Metcalf, construction manager] Obviously this news would make any first time homebuyer nervous because “change” during a construction project can never be good right? WRONG AGAIN! I cannot even begin to explain how professional, patient and helpful Todd was to us during this process. From the time he came on to our project everything started moving like a well oiled machine. My husband and I were constantly texting and bugging him asking him questions multiple times a day that would drive any construction manager crazy and were often already being addressed before we ever asked the questions. However, Todd knowing we were first time builders patiently answered every detailed question in a timely manner and managed our expectation every step of the way. Near the end of our construction process I informed Todd that we MUST be out of our previous residence and be in our new house by the end of October. Without hesitation he assured us this would not be an issue and we should be fine. Little did I know that he jumped in to overdrive and was working around the clock to make sure to meet our deadline. He even took time away from his family to spend 6 hours with us walking through the house to make sure every last item on the punch list was noted and complete before we moved in the following week. In my mind I thought we were trying to accomplish the impossible. Closing day came, we were handed the keys and walked in that day to a perfect, finished, beautiful home! Todd was there to greet us and has even been in contact with us after the fact to make sure we are still happy and taken care of. I cannot say enough great things about him and our experience in one of the biggest purchases of our life!
5on Google,May 27, 2016
Erika Brangiforte
5on BirdEye,Mar 04, 2016
Francisc F.
Does anyone here has the number of a construction manager in the Houston area in Royal lakes
5on BirdEye,Jan 21, 2016
Deborah V.
Design Tech Homes Custom Builder
24170 US Highway 281 N
Bulverde, TX 78258
Phone number (830) 980-5558
5on BirdEye,Oct 29, 2015
Roland G.
Our home building experience has been great here at Design Tech. This company does not only have beautiful floor plans but this is a company with morals and values that almost all companies lack. Thank you Design Tech !
5on BirdEye,Oct 28, 2015
Heidi n.
This was my first visit to Main StreetAmerica, I was amazed! What a unique opportunity to view model homes. Every model homes was decorated so beautifully, giving me many decorating ideas. Everyone was professional and friendly. Can’t wait to return with my husband.
4on BirdEye,Oct 25, 2015
Jim D.
Heather was nice. Hope to get more info on second visit.
5on BirdEye,Oct 25, 2015
Daniel S.
We were visited by Robert Deshotel and he was great! He answered all questions we have with confidence. We are looking into having the Valencia build, but not until later down the road!!
5on BirdEye,Oct 25, 2015
Sharon J.
We met Robert Deshotel and toured three houses. He was very knowledgeable about the houses and the process. We also walked around the design center. He explained what is standard in most homes and about the Artisan system. Robert was professional, friendly and we enjoyed his presentation very much. We were very impressed by what we learned and what Design Tech has to offer. We will be attending the next seminar November 7th. We are looking forward to it.
5on BirdEye,Oct 13, 2015
Robert w.
I found Robert to be very helpful and knowledgeable. We had a great experience at main street.
5on BirdEye,Oct 01, 2015
Couldn’t not have had an easier time with Design Tech. Everything went smoothly without a single bump in the road.
5on BirdEye,Sep 29, 2015
Carl S.
We really appreciate how well organized and open your sales staff and homebuilder’s seminar are. Very service oriented. Robert DesHotels is very pleasant and helpful to work with.
5on BirdEye,Oct 12, 2015
Don B.
Couldn’t be better. Can’t really say that for my first visit but I had to come back to have some questions answered.
I’m glad I did because Heather is a perfect representative fo
r your company. I was a walk in so to speak and felt like the red carpet was rolled out for a long standing appointment. It seems you have a respectable company and hopefully follow through is as important to you as the sale. I look forward to coming back and gathering more detailed information to help me make a final decision.Best Regards,
Don Brantley 

5on BirdEye,Oct 08, 2015
Dayna C.
Great experience! We are new to the home building process and stopped at the facility to view the model homes. We were greeted by Robert who was very patient with us and explained in great detail the process. We look forward to working with him throughout the process!
5on BirdEye,Oct 04, 2015
Kathy E.
Better than great!
5on BirdEye,Aug 26, 2015
Angela C.
We really enjoyed working with Kevin and the DTH team while building our dream home! Communication was consistent, our concerns were always immediately addressed and we are happy to have had such a professional team by our side during the whole project. Thanks Design Tech Homes!
5on BirdEye,Aug 25, 2015
Heather W.
Tiffanie and Jason in San Antonio were great to work with!! They were able to draw and rework our house plans to encompass everything we wanted and then some. We are so excited to break ground and get this house built!!!
5on BirdEye,Aug 18, 2015
Christina B.
Very impressed at the level of quality and convenience the show room is held at and we were pleased with the level of knowledge and professionalism.
5on BirdEye,Aug 17, 2015
Donna C.
Chris and I enjoyed our Design Tech Homes visit. We had noticed the facility from the freeway, but had never stopped. When we thought about building our home we decided to stop in and see what Design Tech Homes had to offer. We were really glad we did, we had no idea all our questions could be answered at one place. Thank you for taking the time to explain the process.
5on BirdEye,Aug 09, 2015
Danny and Zorena E.
Very informative, great concept on Build – on – Your Lot program.
Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff members.
Can’t wait to get started building our dream home.
4on BirdEye,Aug 03, 2015
Quy N.
Great sales staff and Coordinator (Christy) at the Houston office. Building a custom home always take a lot knowledge from both the builder and the homeowner. Good communication will make the process more enjoyable despite hurdles that the COH will present to you.
4on BirdEye,Aug 01, 2015
A. J.
We found our builder, the high quality, and floor plans are great.
5on BirdEye,Jul 27, 2015
brian R.
We enjoyed working with Robert. He was very informative and answered all our questions. He stayed with us until after closing time and didn’t rush us. He definitely headed us in the right direction for our build.
4on BirdEye,Jul 22, 2015
George R.
Very Profesional & Informal…
4on BirdEye,Jul 19, 2015
Guy H.
Great information. Good place to start.
5on Google,May 28, 2015
Shawn Michaels
Wow! My wife and I have driven past the Main Street America model home park on I-45 in Spring dozens of times on our way out of town over the years. Last week we decided to take the tour of homes, as we recently have been discussing transitioning to a larger home for our growing family. The level of service at our initial visit was “concierge” as my wife explained it! We’ve owned several homes, and have visited many communities, but this experience was very different. It was fantastic! Shannon Stem, our Sales Consultant, was friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful of our time. All in all, our time there was purposeful and we look forward to working with Shannon and the rest of the team of pros at DTH!
5on Google,Jul 19, 2015
Bo Jensen
We had our home built seven years ago. We are so pleased with our home that we are thinking about moving to another area and having Design Tech build us another home like the one we have now.
5on Google,May 28, 2015
Lauren Davis
I recommend going out to this location and exploring! They have 12 houses already built, plus a ton of additional floor plans to choose from. The houses and styles are unique. They have been tailored by select vendors and are staged with furniture that gets swapped out frequently. They have cool hand-held bar-scanning technology to help you collect your ideas and to customize your future home/remodel. Design Tech handles everything from finding your land to the mortgage to the furniture, if you need, which is great for all those additional things you might want handled for you. I have really enjoyed working with them.
5on Google,May 28, 2015
Shawn Jones
Design Tech Homes was the only builder that kept our needs in mind thru out the whole process. My sales consultant “Robert Deshotel” was always available to answer any of our questions. We had an of what how we wanted our floor plan to function but was hesitant because we did not know how the front of the home was going to look. This was the only builder that was willing to provide us with a color 3D rendering of our home before we signed any type of contract. Our home build is almost complete and we would recommend DTH to any of our friends.
5on BirdEye,May 02, 2015
Karen A.
Love the quality and care Design Tech takes when building a home. The DTH people who worked with us in creating our dream home were definitely top notch in their profession. We worked with an existing floor plan with personal changes, which made our home unique, different & ours. The construction is solid and the work site was clean during the whole process. We highly recommend DTH to anyone considering building a new home.
Even after closing, our requests for punch lists and warranty issues were quickly addressed. No problems with construction or sub-contractors. This was a delightful experience. Best builder in our sub-division.
Randy & I love our Design Tech home 

5on BirdEye,Apr 19, 2015
Yolanda G.
Excellent Service…
5on BirdEye,Apr 19, 2015
Oliver Galloway J.
Excellent Service
4on BirdEye,Apr 13, 2015
Oliver E.
Overall the experience is great. The Sails- , Design center – stuff and Construction manager are very nice and professional. If you want to go with the DTH Option-List there are no difficulties to expect. Also the finance options are great.
Because we have a clear vision of our home and style, the pre-building process was challenging. Because to find the correct price, every custom choice needs a price request.
And every price request needs one to four weeks. And the DTH price has nothing to do with the market price. Be aware to pay 50% to 100% more than market value.
We missed the opportunity to speak with the designer directly to find an option which we like AND is in our price range far quicker.
5on BirdEye,Mar 31, 2015
Randi G.
Our experience at DTH has been amazing thus far. Jon Lee, our sales consultant made us feel as though we were his only clients. He returned emails and phone calls, even on his days off. All of ourquestions were answered promptly. Everyone at DTH has been so helpful. In fact, the day of our final meeting, our 6 year old son was in the hospital following an emergency surgery. DTH was flexible enough to meet with my husband and then allow him to drive back to the hospital to trade off with me so that my son would have one of his parents with him at all times. Colter with Criterion Mortgage has also been very helpful. We were able to take advantage of the Smart Start program. The loan process, thus far, has been the easiest I have ever experienced!! I highly recommend DTH. We truly expect the remainder of our experience with DTH through the construction and final closing process to be equally satisfying. Thanks DTH!!
5on BirdEye,Mar 18, 2015
Linda N
Very impressed about planning & organization of the entire team; also friendliness/courtesy.
4on BirdEye,Dec 03, 2014
Armando T.
Overall, it was a good experience. Everyone was friendly and worked well with us. Our contractor, Greg, was very helpful and kept us up to date with what was going on. Our only issue is that we are trying to get the well functioning properly due to some sulphur problems.
5on Facebook,Nov 17, 2014
Attallah Lewis
Design Tech built my parent’s retirement home. It is a dream come true. Who knew a few acres in the country could look so good?!?!
5on BirdEye,Oct 24, 2014
Ann D
This was our first new home, build from ground up. Our situation was a little difficult being we`re in Corpus Christi, and our new home is in Canyon Lake. Thanks to the good people working for DTH, like Patrick Jackson who was extremely helpful and very patient in the design of our new home. Travis Farley not only made our home come together, but made us feel as part of the build, by keeping us posted with every detail, with daily phone calls, and by sending us pictures of everything going on. Travis was very professional and was always well in tune through out the project. The bottom line, we felt very comfortable and had no concerns that quality was a priority with DTH. We, Thank You !!
4on BirdEye,Oct 02, 2014
Mike A.
Awesome homes and very helpful
5on BirdEye,Sep 24, 2014
James P.
Fantastic builder that truly cares about helping people make a solid home investment!
5on BirdEye,Sep 24, 2014
Amanda M.
Love this company! They truly care about building a quality home!
4on Yahoo! Local,Aug 15, 2013
Wow there are 5 design tech homes ony street with no problems…it looks like it depends on who your sales man is.Just know the deposit is not refundable and after your home is built you do a walk through in your house and you put blue tape on anything u see that u don t like.Maybe a scuff or a light switch in the right area or anything u do not like,after that then they will only come out for warrenty work…so make sure to thoroughly look through the home before u close
5on Houzz,Jun 28, 2013
Lauren Waggoner
We are currently building a home through Design Tech. The site manager is very respectful and addresses any concerns we have. Design Tech’s new Main Street America gives home builders an opportunity to see the latest technology. The owner of the company offers a free home building seminar for anyone building a custom home (not just those who choose Design Tech). In the beginning DTH worked with us to get the price of the home within our budget and as of now the home is set to be finished within the original time frame. DTH also explored different possibilities with us like Geothermal AC/heating, tankless water heaters, and other engineering ideas that would make our home more energy efficient.
on Foursquare,May 01, 2013
Laura Venselr
Robert Deshotel is an awesome salesman.. Extremely down to earth, super helpful and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend his services.
5on Yahoo! Local,Aug 15, 2012
After meeting many of the residents in my neighborhood and being invited over to their homes I have developed an even better appreciation of Design Tech Homes and the employees. As I get a tour of others homes they start telling me their building horror stories. They even show pictures and relate the story in detail. And as I listen I think about how blessed we were in the process without having any of those stories. And I reply, We did not have any problem with Design Tech. And the other home owner looks back at me and doesn t know how to respond. So I say again, Design Tech was great.
Thanks for making the process so good and giving us what we expected, paid for and worked together to create. I know it was not easy but Design Tech really pulled it off well.
on Foursquare,May 13, 2011
Shawn Sommer
Great homes, friendly folks!
5on Yahoo! Local,Apr 19, 2010
We were very happy with the entire process at Design Tech. David (our Sales Consultant) was very patient with us as we made changes during the initial planing stages and as the plans were reviewed after receipt of the architectural drawings. David raised issues for us to consider that we had not thought of – some of which we did incorporate into the plan. He was always available and took us to a home that was nearly complete so that we could see the “real thing”. David was always prompt in responding to phone calls an e-mails with questions that came up along the way.
Our Construction Manager Kyle was a delight to work with. He was genuinely interested in our home and worked to ensure that the quality of each stage of construction was tops. He kept us apprised of progress and what to expect to be accomplished each week. He was very good about letting us take our time during walk throughs and made suggestions for us to consider along the way.
Thanks to Design Tech Homes and the professionalism of their staff, building our first home was an exciting and fun experience. We must admit there were some trepidations about making the many decisions one must make when building, but with David and Kyle, we didn’t have to worry about anything. We love our new home!
5on Yahoo! Local,Mar 11, 2010
My husband and I purchased 9 acres in Harper (near Kerrville and Fredericksburg) 2 years ago and just closed on our Design Tech Home a few months ago. We are absolutely thrilled with how our house turned out!
We started meeting with David nearly 3 years ago to find out more about Design Tech and research your floor plan options. During all of the times we met with David, he was always helpful and courteous, and never came across as a pushy salesman. In fact, he would simply say “thanks for coming by” and send us on our way. Then every few months he would send us an email or call us to see where we were in the process. In meetings with other “custom” homebuilders I always felt pressured to make a decision quickly. Once we signed our contract with David, he continued to help us customize our floor plan (the San Jacinto) and worked with us so that we stayed within our budget (okay, sort of!). David really knows your homes and is able to work the numbers quickly.
Once we started construction, Kyle came on board as our construction manager. Kyle always kept us informed of what steps were coming up in construction and provided us with a detailed timeline of events so that we would know when each step of the building process would take place. Kyle’s planning and forethought with construction was right on target – he stayed on schedule throughout the entire building process. Kyle is also courteous and helpful, and willingly answered any questions we had, no matter how silly they may have seemed to us. Kyle is a great mix of a person who knows the construction process but is also good with people, something that is hard to come by these days!
Once it came down to closing, Lisa and her team at Criterion Mortgage had many hurdles to overcome in preparing our VA loan. However, they worked diligently and were able to meet the deadline we envisioned, all with a smile!
Whenever someone takes on something as important as building a custom house, the one thing you could hope for is that you are made to feel special in that process. That is the biggest thing I take away from working with David, Kyle and Lisa – I never once felt like they had any other clients because they always seemed to be 100 percent focused on us and OUR house. Our experience with Design Tech homes has been amazing. We will definitely recommend you to friends looking to build their dream house.
5on Yahoo! Local,Mar 03, 2010
We have been in our Design Tech home for about a year now and have no complaints. Everything turned out like it was supposed be. Our sales guy, construction guy and finance gal were there holding our hands during whole process. I really liked the inspections, everytime I turned around I was getting another inspection report so I know it was built right. My brother is about build his new home and will be using these folks also.
5on Yahoo! Local,Feb 02, 2010
Design Tech built our home. When we engaged them nine years ago, they were only beginning to build their showroom on North 281 (in San Antonio), and their office was a construction trailer. Having built a custom home before, we felt like they knew what they were talking about, and we were right. Here we are, nine years later, and we are still delighted with our home. The home itself, the quality of the construction, the design, everything was just terrific. They know what they are doing.
5on Yahoo! Local,Feb 01, 2010
I would like to say how wonderful Design Tech has been to our family. The whole process is focused on customer service from the sales dept, to closing, and then to the builder. Pete and I have never built a home before so we were very nervous when we started this process… and I must say I would refer DTH over and over. Pete and I could not have asked for a better builder. DTH could not have chosen better employees! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!