Design Tech Homes will only construct foundations that are engineered to meet the soil conditions and topography of your property. Because of diverse soil conditions, what would be appropriate for a foundation in one location may be inadequate in another. Knowing the condition of your property is critical in designing the appropriate foundation for your new custom home. Therefore, Design Tech Homes requires independent soil testing on each homesite. An independent licensed engineer reviews the foundation plans and certifies the type of foundation and design for your specific home and lot. Professional engineers provide a detailed report on the condition of the soils, including its expansiveness, bearing capacity, and potential for shifting.

Since your foundation is one of the most important elements of your new custom home, we know you will appreciate the benefits of this service. It is another way we go above and beyond the standard practices of many homebuilders today.

For more information concerning soil testing or site planning, call our Houston office at 281-305-4331 or our Central Texas office at 830-980-5558.