Every person whose ever bought a home wishes they could have seen the finished product before they went forward with building it. At Design Tech Homes, we have just about fulfilled that wish.

Through the use of innovative technology called VisionREZ, homebuyers are able to get an accurate glimpse at what their custom home will look like even before the groundbreaking. This technology takes the blueprints and other drawings and places them into a 3D format, capable of allowing the home designer and the future homeowner to take a virtual walkthrough of the interior and exterior of the home.

This offering and capability is simply part of our equation for building a thoroughly successful custom home. We want to ensure every customer is more than satisfied with their investment and providing each one with the power to oversee the project in the earliest of stages and make adjustments or changes at the perfect time is why we have taken the opportunity to use this 3D technology.

One of our main initiatives at Design Tech Homes is to integrate groundbreaking technology into our building processes. The more you know, the more you know. We want to enable our architectural designers to create the best, while sacrificing nothing. And we want the same for you, our homebuyers. This is your home and you should be able to see it before its built…at least as close as possible.

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