This coming Tuesday, Aug. 14, from 1 to 3 p.m., Design Tech Homes will be hosting its DTH Realtors Class to discuss and demonstrate how local realtors can utilize MainStreet America as their hub to meet potential clients and how they can sell DTH homes. The free seminar will also provide free MSA memberships to licensed real estate agents.

Realtors will be taught the building process, time lines, commission structure, warranty information, building practices and more of Design Tech Homes. The realtors will also be informed about all that MSA has to offer, including furniture, appliances, home services, meeting rooms, restaurants, cooking classes and more.

The event, which will take place every other Thursday beginning Aug. 14, will be held in the Conference Center inside of MainStreet America”™s Business Center. Realtors planning to attend this event should contact Robert Deshotel at 281-825-4412.