The air in a home built by Design Tech Homes is cleaner than other homes. The air contains less dust and particles. That’s because Design Tech Homes are built with a Strata air filtration system by CirrusAir Technologies as a standard feature.

The Strata system includes a proprietary 2″ pleated air filter right in the HVAC system that pulls dust and other particles out of the air as it passes through the system. The Strata system works well in most Houston area homes with superior results for most homeowners.

Allergy sufferers can upgrade the Strata system to the Strata Plus system for a higher level of air filtration and relief from seasonal allergies. The Strata Plus system is featured in the Casa Lana and Calais model homes at MainStreet America.

Homes with the upgraded Strata Plus system are classified as Class 100,000 Clean Room homes.

That means the count of particles .5mm or larger are less than 100,000 per cubic foot of air. Typical Houston-area residences have particle counts exceeding 250,000 leaving dust, viruses, allergens and germs to flow freely through the air. The air in the Casa Lana home now measures 21,000. The Calais home now measures 18,000 per cubic foot of air.

Allergy sufferers or those sensitive to dust, odors, mold or pet dander notice dramatic relief from itchy eyes, runny noses and sleepless nights.

If you’re building a home, ask your Design Tech Homes representative about upgrading the air filtration system to the Strata Plus. If your home is already complete, call Paul Crandall at CirrusAir Technologies. 844-224-7787. Paul will test the air inside your home and tell you what kind of improvement you can expect from an air filtration upgrade.

CirrusAir Technologies is a locally based company that has developed a residential application to the commercial air purification systems used in hospitals, data centers or any area where microbial or particulate contamination is harmful. The newly developed Strata Plus air purification system is now being installed in a number of Houston and Central Texas area homes.