Home Builders Slowly Building More Green Homes, According to Survey

Monday, 18 August 2014 00:00

According to a recent survey by the McGraw Hill Construction and National Association of Home Builders, more single-family and multifamily homes are being built greener. Home builders across the nation have become more apt to energy efficiency after realizing the eco-friendly trend has now become a way of life.

The 2013 study found that 62 percent of single-family home builders and 54 percent of multifamily home builders had completed their projects with at least 15 percent of them being green. Even more impressive was nearly 20 percent of single-family home builders had built more than 90 percent of their homes as green.

The four main categories builders focused on were energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, water conservation, and material conservation. The percentages for each were quite high with multifamily homes taking the lead in three of the four categories. The following are the percentages according to single and multi:

Energy Efficiency

Single – 75 percent

Multi – 84 percent

Indoor Environmental Quality

Single – 58 percent

Multi – 55 percent

Water Conservation

Single – 45 percent

Multi – 61 percent

Material Conservation

Single – 41 percent

Multi – 50 percent

Despite these promising percentages, there hasn’t been much change to how much more green these houses have become. Only 11 percent of single-family builders and remodelers in 2013 constructed homes that were greener than those built in 2011.

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