When purchasing a home, a potential home buyer needs to conduct his or her research into the quality assurance of the home. There are many Texas homebuilders who worry more about completion than the process toward it. The Lone Star State has recently witnessed another economic boom, in the Greater Houston area where more and more homes are in demand.

What this has created is a tipping scale involving quantity and quality. Too often, many homebuilders choose the former over the latter. This is just one of the many aspects that separate Design Tech Homes from even the largest of home building companies.

During the construction phase of every single home we build, we have third-party inspection agencies conduct a thorough inspection of our homes. These inspections are not just conducted at completion, but rather they are conducted throughout the construction process at various phases.

The inspectors check the structural, energy, and indoor environmental quality standards of these homes. The following are items inspected:


    • Foundation (pre-placement)
    • Plumbing (grounds)
    • Foundation Placement
    • Frame
    • Plumbing (rough-in)
    • Electrical (rough-in)
    • Final Code

Energy Efficiency

    • ENERGY STAR® program compliance
    • ENERGY STAR® approved appliances
    • High-efficiency hot water heater
    • Water Conservation
    • Eco-Friendly Lighting

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Exterior venting for kitchen and bath exhaust vents
  • Air Filtration System
  • Moisture Control

These third-party inspections are made possible due to Design Tech Homes independently choosing to utilize the Guardian Certified Inspection Program. This program requires that these three aforementioned sections of the custom home are up to standard. It is our goal to exceed these standards by even offering the option to build 100% green homes.

Very few other home builders in Texas commit themselves to such a high standard of quality, but this is simply part of our commitment to building homes that are the most structurally sound and the most energy efficient. It is one of the many reasons our customers continue to be more than satisfied with their new custom homes.

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