Interior Design Trends for 2016

Thursday, 14 January 2016 00:00

Furniture Trends of 2016 Furniture Trends of 2016 MainStreet Furniture & Accessories



Clearly, texture is really big this season, including lots of faux fur. Textures so cozy you will want to keep running your hand against the furniture. The textures work well with the natural fiber rugs and coordinates easily into any seating group.



This is a reflection of gorgeous colours, hot pinks, blues, turquoise, yellows and lime greens work well with a natural pattern rug. Floral art work adds a lot to brightening up a room. Florals, including dark florals are back too with a modern twist.



Bold color statements in furniture will be hot this year with shiny details of inlaid silver borders and accent pieces that pick up the light to further create contrast in a room. Bold in any room against dark walls.



Blue is the big colour this year and we have started to show this classic modern trend in Midtown both in paint and with the furniture and accessories. Blue carries many different hues with Navy being the best seller right now along with indigo, turquoise and denim shades.



Pink is always a favorite, and with many different shades a room can be romanced boldly or with just a splash of pastel pink can add just the right softness to any space. Pink can make a statement in furniture either in fabric or leathers in some peralized pink. Yes, you will see a lot of pink and beige upholstery as well as painted case goods, these lend themselves to a soft pallet to layer and build bolder colors on. Strong, vibrant pink will be the unexpected modern accent colour that works well with white, ivory taupes and grays.


Gold can be found shinny or matte finishes in lighting, accessories and accent trim on furniture just to name changes you will see this year. Gold has always been a great colour of elegance to finish a room. Copper is here as well but is limited to the style of the room’s furnishings that it is being parred with.

Pillows are the best way to freshen up any room with colour and texture. If your living room feels old and drab with brown furniture, brown wood finishes, brown flooring adding throw pillows is the first step to a livelier change in the room.

This year new in Interior Design trends it’s about texture, floral, drama, and colour, colour colour. There are many ways to refresh a space and make it feel new again. Accessories are a big one! If you are ready for a completely new style and want to get rid of that old furniture than we can also help you with that.

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