On Nov. 29, Christmas on MainStreet will begin and one of the biggest attractions won’t just be the 12 decorated showcase homes in the MainStreet America Park. Origin Architects, architectural firm located inside MainStreet America, has designed a life-size gingerbread house which will be constructed by Design Tech Homes.

This kid-friendly gingerbread house will have walls 9 ½ feet tall with a chimney that reaches 13 ½ feet high. The entire width of the house will be 12-foot by 9-foot 8 inches with entrances that are suited specifically for children.

Javier Medina, principal architect of Origin Architects, said he thinks having a gingerbread house that is extremely interactive will be a big draw for kids during the four Saturdays of Christmas on MainStreet (Nov. 29, Dec. 6, 13, and 20).

“Anyone can buy a gingerbread house to create, but how often are you able to actually go inside of a gingerbread house?” Medina said.

Medina worked closely with Allison Dittfurth, of the Design Center at MainStreet America, to achieve the most authentic gingerbread house.

“It was carefully designed to mimic a gingerbread house with real life materials, which resemble different types of candy and other decorative items,” Medina said. “This is designed as any other custom home project. Origin Architects takes every project seriously, including this one. As in all other projects, it’s been our job to make sure our design meets and exceeds expectations.”

This design of a gingerbread house just goes to show how innovative Origin Architects is and that there are no restrictions on what they can create.