Origin Architects, MainStreet America’s in-house architecture firm and prime architectural firm for Design Tech Homes, recently launched its new website, which provides valuable information regarding the company’s process, its portfolio, along with other MSA projects including the MAIN Restaurant, the Design Center, and the Lodge centrally located in the MainStreet America Park.

“I feel it will help clients be aware of the broad range of projects we have,” said Javier Medina, president and principal of Origin Architects, regarding the website. “It helps our future clients have a better understanding of how we operate as a firm, and what our approach conceptually to a project is from the very origin of the idea, to the conception of the entire project.”

He said the website’s design was to offer a minimalistic approach in order for clients to quickly understand the purpose of Origin Architects, who they are individually, and how they work.

“We also designed the website so clients pursuing a particular style–contemporary, Mediterranean–or category–wrap around porch, wheelchair accessible–can easily narrow down our projects to what they are specifically looking for,” he added.

The firm designed all 12 of MainStreet America’s showcase homes, which are used to provide ideas and inspiration for aspiring homeowners. They are also available to help potential homeowners design their homes from the ground up.

Origin Architects also integrated its new Facebook page in order to better engage current and potential clients.