Texas Has 4 of the Top 15 Counties to Build In

Thursday, 20 November 2014 00:00

According to a recent article by Big Builder, four of the 15 best counties to build in are in Texas. The Lone Star State has continued to see an increase in job opportunities as more large companies continue to move in, which has directly affected the state’s housing market.

The positive housing market should come as no surprise to anyone. Although the demand has provided the escalation of home prices in Texas, it has not deterred home buyers from buying, and therefore not home builders from building. The median home value in Texas has increase by 5.9 percent over the past year to $135,400, according to Zillow. The real estate research firm predicts that the median value will increase by 2.6 percent over the next year.

As the value of homes continue to increase, the purchase of homes seems to appear to be an even wiser investment for buyers. Quite possibly, there is no better place to make this investment than in the four counties of Texas that were mentioned in this article. Denton County was ranked fourth, ahead of Dallas County (seventh), Collin County (ninth), and Hays County (13th).

Denton, Dallas and Collin are all three close together in the Dallas-area, with Hays County settling in between San Antonio and Austin.

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