Where There’s Winter, There’s Fire

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 00:00

During the Better Home Show, co-hosted by Mike Feigin, owner of Design Tech Homes, he mentioned the necessary usage of smoke detectors and ensuring batteries are in working condition. His focal point was how it can save lives.

Feigin had recently heard from a friend that a neighbor had died due to his smoke detector not working. Something as simple as changing out a battery or replacing a smoke detector can help you avoid tragedy and disaster.

Now that the weather has officially changed from warm and sunny to cold and overcast, the use of heat has replaced the common use of air conditioning. Keep in mind that your heaters have been in hibernation for quite some time.

”It’s cold, so when the heater kicks on, funny things can happen,” Feigin said.

He said some people remove batteries for various reasons. It may be because the smoke detector keeps beeping or goes off for no reason. Some people remove the smoke detector altogether and never replace it. This is a big mistake especially since this is the time of year people use their fireplaces or space heaters to keep warm.

”So when there is an electric fire, someone starts a fire, or there’s a grease fire, then it doesn’t alert anyone and there can be death,” he said. “If you have a house and you’ve taken those batteries out, please go and exchange them.”

He recommended going to Home Depot and purchasing a smoke detector that has a 10-year lithium battery in it. Since no one enjoys having to replace the batteries in their smoke detector, this gives you plenty of life out of your battery and helps you avoid the hassle of having to exchange it multiple times.

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