Houston and the state of Texas has been thriving and leading the nation for quite some time now when it comes to the economy. Job creation continues on an upward trend at a rapid pace and the construction of homes continues to follow suit. Just recently, Texas was named one of the nation’s leaders in international home sales, Forbes reported Houston to be first in new construction building, and the publication, Big Builder, claimed the state had four of the nation’s top 15 counties to build in.

The numbers do speak for themselves. According to Lowell Pinnock, Houston Division Sales Manager for Design Tech Homes, the continual influx of business has helped the housing market because the pool of buyers continues to inversely increase. It has cultivated an extremely positive outlook on homeownership in the Houston housing market and the Texas housing market as a whole.

“The Houston market will continue to progress over the next two years,” he predicted.

He added that the Millennials will have a huge say in this growth over the coming years.

“Potential homebuyers are excited about the housing market mainly because the Houston housing market is booming with Millennials seeking to purchase their first home,” he said.

The Houston-area is full of great places to move, including The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Conroe, Baytown and others. In future posts, we will be discussing why these areas are great places to live and how their specific housing market is affecting the overall market in Texas and its larger cities.