As more and more people continue to move to Texas, more and more homes are being built. Many of these homes are cookie-cutter with very little personality, leaving the homeowner with much to be desired and much to improve upon. Continuing to improve on a home can definitely cause headaches, especially when those improvements could be the personal standard when buying a custom home like at Design Tech Homes.

The Personal Touch

Design is such a powerful tool in regard to homebuilding. Many homeowners have an idea in mind of what they wish their home to look like. This is why Design is the first Pillar we use in establishing the foundation of a home, and not just the first word in our company name. Our accentuated and elaborate floor plans are various in nature and can also be customized to a home buyer’s liking. Not only that, home owners can create their own design with our Design Tech Homes designers.

Placing such control in the hands of the buyer increases the feeling of ownership and truly provides a better sense of pride when finally stepping into the finished product. At Design Tech Homes we have floor plans that start from 1,400 square feet to more than 6,000. Not to mention our design center, which is housed within the MainStreet America Business Center, is where homebuyers can hand-pick flooring, fixtures, and more to be placed in the interior and exterior of the home.

3D View

Even during the process of designing the home, our customers are able to take a 3D look at every angle in the soon-to-be-constructed home through VisionREZ technology by Ameri-CAD. This innovative piece of technology allows us to generate visual models of a home well before a home’s groundbreaking. Now that is groundbreaking.

Our goal is to provide as much insight into a customer’s new home as possible to ensure they know exactly what the home will look like when it is completed. It is the power of design and belongs in the hands of the most important person: the customer.

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