Your new Design Tech Home is built with an innovative construction system that defines the structural core of green building. These eco-friendly construction techniques produce a cost-efficient, well built home using products designed to conserve precious natural resources. The components of the system are as follows:

Engineered Roof & Ceiling Frame Plan

Advanced framing techniques that use engineering principles to minimize material waste while meeting building code structural guidelines.

Engineered Flooring System

An engineered system that reduces warping, twisting, and shrinking that can lead to squeaky floors. These systems make efficient use of faster-growing trees from managed forests which help preserve old-growth forests for a sustainable future.

Finger-Jointed Studs

Resource-efficient construction materials that are as strong and stable as solid-sawn studs. This material is used throughout all the walls of our homes and engineered to deliver straighter stronger walls.

OSB Exterior Sheathing / Decking

Oriented-strand board (OSB) is made from small pieces of wood harvested from small, fast growing trees (usually from a tree farm) and have an average recycled content of anywhere from 66 to 75 percent. And we don’t just use sheathing per code like many builders, we go a step further and blanket our entire home.

Building in this eco-friendly manner not only benefits the environment, it also produces a home that is built to the highest standards of construction today.

Design Tech Homes will work with you each step of the way toward building your dream home. For more information about our eco-friendly construction, please call one of our New Home Consultants at our Houston office at 281-355-1591 or fill out our contact form.