Buffalo Bayou

buffalo bayou park

Are you looking for an outdoor recreation area for exercise or relaxation in Houston? You can’t beat Buffalo Bayou Park! 

Buffalo Bayou is a 2.3-mile-long stretch of Bayou in Houston, Texas. Buffalo Bayou Park is 160 acres of greenspace alongside the bayou that spans the area from Shepherd Drive to Sabine Street. It’s a great space to go to escape from the concrete and pavement of the city and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of nature. It’s perfect for picnicking, relaxing, or exercising. 

The city of Houston had the spot next to Buffalo Bayou marked as parkland since the early 1900s. Throughout the early 2000s, the city collected land in the area through gifts and purchases and created a beautiful park. It was updated and reopened in 2015. 

The park includes beautiful gardens and landscaping, hiking and biking trails, boat and bike rentals, public art, a dog park, a kids’ nature play area, and two visitor centers, plus lots of wide open space to relax and enjoy outdoor activities. 

Here are a few of the things you could do if you visit Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston: 

  • Get some exercise and enjoy nature on one of the hike or bike trails. 
  • Take your furry friend for a walk or a romp in Houston’s go-to dog park! Your pet is sure to love the freedom and outdoor time. 
  • Visit the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern. The cistern is a former drinking water reservoir that was built in 1926. After operating for decades, officials found an unfixable leak and shut down the cistern. Today it has been repurposed into a magnificent public space visitors can tour, complete with changing art installations. 
  • Get a coffee at the Sunset Coffee Building at Allen’s Landing, which is the birthplace of the city of Houston. It contains the organization’s administrative offices as well as unique spaces for event rentals including indoor space, rooftop terrace, and outdoor plaza. It sure would spice up your next conference to hold it on the rooftop! 
  • Stroll around and enjoy the beautiful gardens and landscaping in the park. Take a look at the public artwork as well, including the changing displays in the Park Cistern. 
  • Utilize the exercise equipment in the park to build your strength and stamina. 
  • Do you skateboard? Try out some stunts at the Buffalo Bayou Skate Park! 
  • There are numerous smaller parks that line the banks of Buffalo Bayou, including: 
    • Allen’s Landing 
    • Guadalupe Park 
    • Hidalgo Park 
    • Memorial Park 
    • Sabine Promenade 
    • Sam Houston Park 
    • Sesquicentennial Park 
    • Spotts Park 
    • Tony Marron Park 
    • Yolanda Black Navaro Buffalo Bend Nature Park 

All of these parks are great places to relax and enjoy nature!

buffalo bayou park

When you are done seeing the sights, relax with a picnic or barbecue with friends in the cool evening and enjoy the view of the bayou. 

If you want to get outside in nature, you can find the park at 1800 Allen Pkwy &, Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77019. 

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We hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time at Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston, TX!