Every homeowner wants to save money. It’s a terrible feeling to know your utility costs are higher than they need to be. Over the long haul, those monthly expenses add up.

I feel your pain. I’m a homeowner too. That’s precisely why we go the extra mile to outfit your home with building materials that actually save you money, not cost you more.

One great example is a radiant barrier. This highly reflective material is usually made of foil and installed in your attic.

Here are just a few of the many benefits you’ll receive as a result of this investment.

  • Studies have shown this buffer is a fantastic reflector of the sun’s radiant heat that targets your roof every day.
  • Less heat entering your home means less money spent trying to get that heat out during the warmer months
  • We’ve seen radiant barriers directly contribute to attic temperatures that are 30 degrees cooler than homes without them. That’s a big difference!

I took time on this job site to show you through how a radiant barrier works. It’s a powerful combination to see it working in tandem with your baffles, soffit, and ridge vent. When you’ve got a comprehensive strategy in place to deflect heat and ventile your attic, it makes your home more energy-efficient which saves you money.

You deserve to lower your energy costs, achieve higher energy efficiency, and eliminate costly utility bills.

Proper installation is the key. Partner with someone who can get you the results you and your loved ones deserve. Less money spent on wasted utility costs translates into more opportunities for you to invest in the things you truly care about.

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