Installing A Brick Ledge: Another Protective Measure Against Moisture 1

You deserve a building partner who will take every precaution to protect your new home. The last thing anyone wants is to see the dream they designed incur damage because their builder cut corners.

One of the many ways we set your new place up to be protected from the elements is the installation of a brick ledge.

The goal here is to have the brick be lower than your house’s slab. The main purpose of this construction process (also known as a brick shelf) is to provide a place for moisture to settle without affecting the framing components behind it.

Your home is not just brick and mortar though. It’s designed to be a rich vault of memories shared with the ones you care about most.

Installing a brick ledge is another way we are proactively laying the foundation for an oasis you will love for years to come.

Curious to see exactly what a brick ledge looks like? I took a few moments at a recent build site to show you exactly how it’s installed.

For more than twenty years we have guided family after family through the process of designing the place that will serve as the foundation for some of their favorite memories.

Stop worrying about that home you have been dreaming about and get back to doing what you love most. You are in good hands with Design Tech Homes.

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