Your foundation has been designed by an engineer to withstand the plasticity of your soil, based on the soils investigation done prior to construction. It is critical for you to try and maintain even and uniform moisture content around your home. Uneven moisture content could cause one part of your home to move at a different rate than the remainder of the home. For this reason, in periods of drought it is important to water completely around the foundation, and to maintain proper grade and drainage so that excess water runs away from the house. In some situations it may be necessary to install perimeter perforated drain lines to remove this water. Similarly, your foundation should be protected from large trees, particularly hard woods. These trees have massive root structures and can cause substantial upheaval. We recommend a minimum of ten feet separation from canopy of tree, although more is better.

Exterior concrete should always be watched for areas where water is accumulating next to and potentially under the concrete. Water under the concrete can cause cracking and depressions. Cracks and separations at expansion joints should be filled with a concrete silicone caulk. Care should be taken to avoid heavy vehicular or equipment travel on your flatwork. It is designed to carry the load of typical passenger vehicles, not dump trucks, concrete trucks, etc.