>Ever seen cracks in the concrete along the corner of a friend’s home? Perhaps you’ve even had the very edge of your home’s concrete slab fall off? This is an unfortunate problem we see all the time.

Building your dream home can feel overwhelming when you’ve heard tales from friends and family of projects gone wrong. Here at Design Tech Homes, we work hard to ensure your home avoids unsightly problems like cracked corners through the installation of strategically placed corner bars.

Here’s how they work. At any corner of your slab, there’s a stress point. As you know, concrete is quite rigid. When bearing weight, this puts increased pressure on those stress points. If those areas are not thoroughly reinforced, it often results in unsightly cracks.

In the home construction industry, we call these diagonal stress points shears. I took a few moments on the job site to show you where these shears develop and how we mitigate them through the placement of rebar reinforcements. Take a look!

We know your home is an investment that needs to stand the test of time. Not having confidence that your home builder has everything under control is a stress point of a different color (one that you shouldn’t have to deal with!).

That’s exactly why we go the extra mile to make sure your home is a solid foundation that serves you and your loved ones for years to come.

For the last two decades, we have made it our business to know everything about designing and maintaining your home so you can focus on what matters most- making memories in it.

Ready to ditch the stress? Schedule a free consultation with us. You deserve to partner with a home builder who obsesses over getting you the place you have earn.