Too many builders cut corners. Inferior products and careless installation almost always lead to problems in the long run.

Every homeowner deserves to have confidence in the team building their dream place. Take cat heads for example. We install them on every job site as they are designed to work in conjunction with your foundation cables.

We’ve seen home after home where contractors lift cables with unstable pieces of brick or wood they find lying around the property. In some cases, they fail to raise the foundation cables off the slab at all!

This isn’t just cheap. It’s a lack of commitment to the homeowner’s success.

You need your home built right. Raising cables off the building pad allows the concrete to properly surround the area. This level of excellence is what makes your home stand the test of time.

The reality is, building a home is a complex process with lots of moving parts. It’s difficult to see the warning signs of a shoddy contractor that’s cutting corners.

Make sure your foundation is rock solid. Ensuring your build has cat heads installed is a great place to start. Interested to know more about building a proper foundation?

Here’s where I’d start:

Our goal at Design Tech Homes is to provide you simple tips that keep you informed (regardless of who your builder is).

We’ve helped families all over Houston and San Antonio get a dream home that’s built to last. Let’s get you a place you’re proud to call your own. You’ll have peace of mind that your investment is ready to stand the test of time.