Post Tension Cable Systems: The concrete slab you need when soil conditions are poor 1

It’s exciting to pick out fixtures and finishes for your remodel project or home you have been dreaming about for years. Your concrete slab doesn’t typically get that same kind of fanfare though.

This isn’t surprising. In fact, it’s completely understandable if construction projects aren’t what get you out of bed in the morning (slight confession: it’s kind of exactly why I get out of bed in the morning.)

The reality is even though talking about your home’s slab may not get your blood pumping, it’s still important to have it done right. When poured correctly, it’s the strong foundation that will make your home a place you will love for years to come.

As you probably know already, your slab needs reinforcement to remain strong (most often done with rebar).

Here in Central Texas, we also find success with an alternate method known as a post tension cable system. With this approach, you’ll find a series of tightened steel cables running through your home’s foundation. This tension reinforces the concrete and reduces cracking (especially in areas with poor soil conditions).

Let me break down why it works and when it’s a good option to consider for your property.

  • It simplifies the installation process.
  • It minimizes displacement due to foot traffic.
  • This style of concrete slab is lighter.
  • This approach alleviates the need to reinforce the area below the slab which can be more expensive for the homeowner.
  • Properties with expansive soil have poor load-bearing capacity. A post tension cabling system spreads the load of the home over a wider area.

Now for the Pro Tip. We always recommend that a home with a post tension cable system have a clear sign, perhaps stamped into the garage floor, that reminds you or anyone working on your home how it was constructed. We want to ensure the tendons holding the cables in places aren’t damaged during future home projects. A simple sign can help alleviate that potential headache.

If you’ve arrived at a place where you are ready to begin building your new place, we’re here to make that happen.

Getting your dream home should be easy. You have worked hard for it after all! Here at Design Tech Homes, we know your property is an investment that deserves to be taken care of. We’ll make sure you’re covered from start to finish.

If we find poor soil quality, or the conditions of the site demand it, we will ensure your home is equipped with a post tension cable system.

We have made it our business to know everything about designing your home so you can focus on what matters most- making memories in it.

Contact us today so we can provide you with a free quote. Let’s get you that home you’ve been dreaming of!