The Wood Floor Manufacturers Association states that wood floors are the easiest of all floor types to keep clean and looking new. In order to accomplish this several items must be taken into consideration. These include keeping dirt and grit off the floor, keeping water off the floor, and maintaining the surface finish.


Clean weekly with a dust mop or vacuum. A damp mop may be used for spills, but never for general cleaning. The water can get into crevices in the wood and result in damage to the floor. Do not ever use a dripping mop.

Keep dirt and grit off the floor to prevent scratches. Putting mats or carpets at the doors will reduce the amount of dirt tracked into the room. Dirt and grit cause damage to all types of flooring, including carpet as well as wood.

Put small rugs in areas where spills are likely, for example in front of the kitchen sink and stove. Use a rug that you can easily throw in the washer when it needs cleaning.

Protecting Your Floor

Even the hardest wood flooring will show indentations under certain conditions. Avoid walking on the floor with golf shoes, cleats, or narrow high heeled shoes without a good cap on the heel. Also, if you have pets keep their nails clipped so that they don’t scratch the floor.

Felt protectors should be placed on legs of your furniture to prevent scratches. If you move heavy furniture across the floor, be sure to place a pad or mat on the floor under the furniture to prevent scratches.