Take a look around at the roofs in your neighborhood. Are there dark streaks or discolored patches on the shingles? It’s not dirt–it’s staining from airborne algae. Commonly (but incorrectly) called fungus or mold, algae is a common eyesore on roofing throughout North America. Design Tech Homes has teamed up with CertainTeed to provide the best solution for this unsightly problem by installing StreakFighter® algae-resistant shingles.

Standard roof shingles are quite susceptible to the unsightly black staining, smears, blotches, and streaks caused by algae spores. Since the roof is such a large portion of a home’s exterior, and algae is difficult and expensive to clean, the discoloration can become an aesthetic nightmare which decreases the value of a home. While studies show that algae growth is not harmful to the building envelope, the growth of algae on cool roof specialty shingles can reduce the performance of solar reflectance because the algae spreads across the face of the shingle and covers the reflecting granules that reflect thermal energy from the sun.

Even though roof streaking is caused by what’s called blue-green algae, the streaks are black due to the dark-pigmented sheath that algae uses to protect itself from the sun’s rays.

Algae spores can quickly spread in the right conditions:

  • Wind carries algae spores from roof to roof
  • Hot, humid conditions promote algae growth
  • Shaded areas serve as excellent breeding grounds

Algae discoloration most often occurs on east-facing surfaces but can show up anywhere on your roof. In fact, an algae infection typically takes hold well before the black streaking is visible.

CertainTeed has developed shingles with StreakFighter algae resistant technology. These shingles are made with a blend of surface granules that includes numerous copper-containing granules. Copper possesses natural anti-algae properties, and the copper in the granules is gradually released over time to provide reliable, long-term protection from algae formation to help a roof maintain its true luster.

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