When we work together to build that new home you’ve been dreaming of, my team guides you through every phase of the process. The last thing anyone wants is to overlook an easy opportunity to further care for their new place and the loved ones living in it. Attention to detail matters.

With each new home we construct, we always utilize a simple bucket filled with dirt during the pouring of cement and concrete. It may look funny when you stop by to check things out, but it has a functional purpose. 

The biggest thing we want to avoid is taking a step backward during your home build. A tub bucket allows for flexibility so that once your shower, tub, or master bathroom is fully installed, we can adjust the drain to fit properly.

If that pipe was completely sealed in with concrete, there’s little adjustment that can be made afterward. 

Now for the Pro Tip. It’s essential to have conversations with your home builder about floor plans, layouts, and goals so that they can be designed into the construction process. And if you don’t see them using a tub bucket around drains when laying concrete, be sure to bring it up. I want your dream home to be unveiled on time and under budget.

If you’ve finally arrived at a place where you are ready to begin building your next house, don’t risk working with a contractor who doesn’t give attention to the details. 

Getting your dream home should be easy. Here at Design Tech Homes, we know your home is an investment that deserves to be taken care of. We’ll make sure you’re covered from start to finish- including things as simple as ensuring a tub bucket is used to seamlessly connects to your shower or tub.

We have made it our business to know everything about designing your home so you can focus on what matters most- making memories in it.

Contact us today so we can provide you with a free consultation on that home project you’ve been dreaming of!