You deserve to have a dream home that’s built to last. This place, after all, will serve as the main ingredient for some of your favorite memories with loved ones and friends.

At Design Tech Homes, we construct your house so that it’s shielded from the elements. Even though you’ll never see it on a daily basis, the practice of installing a vapor barrier acts as an invisible line of defense against moisture in the ground seeping up through your foundation. We place this poly liner on top of the soil before your new concrete slab is poured to solve the problem before it even starts.

Without a protective layer in place, you’ll likely end up with a whole host of problems down the road. Here are a few things that vapor barriers will help you avoid:

  • Wet Slab: Concrete is hygroscopic (a fun scientific term that essentially means it absorbs water). Over time, taking in this moisture can lead to something known as a wet slab.
  • Flooring Failure: If you have a wet slab, it makes laying any flooring or adhesives virtually impossible. Moisture in the concrete will lead to failures such as cupping, swelling or even bulging in your flooring products. This is expensive, frustrating and something you don’t have time to deal with once you’re moved in.

The key, as with many parts of your new home build, is planning. Make sure that a proper vapor barrier is installed and inspected prior to the concrete placement.

We’ve helped hundreds of families over the last two decades get a dream home that’s built to last. Let’s get you a home you’re proud of. You’ll also have peace of mind that your new investment is protected from the elements and ready to stand the test of time.

Mitigate moisture issues before they even happen. Schedule your free consultation with us today.