How do you know if your home will be truly energy efficient? Don’t take the builder’s word for it. At Design Tech Homes, we require independent inspections to certify that your home meets the stringent requirements of the ENERGY STAR® program. The most hailed energy efficiency program in the nation, ENERGY STAR® is a voluntary national program developed by the U.S. Department of Energy to help consumers identify a benchmark for energy efficient residential construction.

Design Tech Homes is one of the largest custom home builders in Texas to comply with, and exceed, the national ENERGY STAR® program on every single home built. To be ENERGY STAR® qualified, a home must be 15% more efficient than the “model energy code.” In 2008, our H.E.R.S. scores have not only met the 15% that ENERGY STAR® requires, but Design Tech Homes are averaging 24% more efficient than code, or 9% more efficient than the ENERGY STAR® standard!

The program treats a home as a total system. The components of windows, insulation, orientation, heating and air conditioning along with structural tightness are all evaluated.

The Building Envelope

ENERGY STAR® qualified homes are inherently more tightly constructed. They are better sealed against heat transfer from hot walls, air drafts, noise, dust and pollen. The benefits of a more tightly constructed home are consistent indoor comfort and quiet from room to room.

  • Blown-in Cellulose Insulation – environmentally safe, high efficiency insulation process includes R-13 on 4” exterior walls; R-19 on 6” exterior walls; R-21 sloped ceilings; R-38 flat ceilings; and R-21 cold floors
  • Radiant Barrier Roof Decking – reduces summer heat gain, winter heat loss and improves energy usage
  • LoE3 Windows – Now with three layers of year-round thermal protection and energy savings, LoE3 windows block even more solar gain than ever before, reflecting heat in summer and insulating from the cold during winter, while allowing maximum visibility

Efficient Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

Each air conditioning and heating system is individually engineered and sized per house plan in order to achieve optimum energy efficiency and comfort.

  • HVAC Equipment – 15 SEER ratings
  • ECO-Friendly Refrigerant – an environmentally safe liquid coolant
  • ENERGY STAR® Thermostat – adjusts temperature settings, saving energy while you’re away
  • Duct Performance – designed and properly sealed for comfort and energy efficiency

Energy Efficient Appliances

ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances incorporate advanced technologies that use 10-50% less energy and water than other standard models. Better appliance energy efficiency comes from quality materials and technologically advanced materials.

  • Dishwasher – ENERGY STAR® qualified dishwashers use less energy than the federal minimum standard for energy consumption and less hot water than conventional models.

High-Efficiency Hot Water Heating

We feature water heating systems in all of our homes that provide plenty of hot water and do so energy efficiently.

Home Water Conservation

We include Low-Flow plumbing fixtures – toilets, faucets and showerheads – that conserve water more efficiently when compared to conventional fixtures while providing the same utility.

Let Design Tech Homes help make your home ENERGY STAR® qualified. To learn more call one of our knowledgeable New Home Consultants at our Houston office at 281-355-1591 or fill out our contact form.