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When selecting Design Tech Homes as your green, custom home builder in the Greater Houston and surrounding area, you will appreciate what sets us apart from other home builders throughout the Texas area. Our innovative building system utilizes fine craftsmanship and distinctive construction components that work together to define the structural core of each Design Tech home. This innovative system ensures that each custom built home maintains its structural integrity and efficiency.

Site Specific Engineered Foundations

Every foundation Design Tech Homes places is specific to your property, ensuring a more reliable foundation in tune with the soil it stands on.

Structural Stability

Design Tech Homes exceeds industry requirements by fully wrapping all of our homes with 7/16″ OSB Sheathing.

Industry Leading Framing Standards

Design Tech Homes exceeds industry standards by using high quality No. 2 Grade Lumber and framing spacing of 16″ on center throughout our homes ensuring a solid backbone for your forever home.

Radiant Barrier Decking

The Radiant barrier blocks 97% of the radiant heat in the roof from entering the attic. This helps keep your attic cooler, lower your utility bills, and keeps your A/C unit running longer.

Grade A PEX Water Piping

The cross-linked polyethylene pipe allows for installation with fewer joints and fittings (making it more flexible), has a lower freezing temperature, and provides cleaner water to your home than copper or CPVC.


DTH uses double pane, low E3 windows with vinyl frames allowing the light in, but keeping the heat out.

Third Party Inspections

Under the GUARDIAN CERTIFIED INSPECTION PROGRAM™, third-party certified inspections are taken at 10 critical stages of construction. A final inspection is also performed upon completion prior to move-in. Learn more.

Energy Efficiency of Custom Built Homes by DTH

All Design Tech custom built homes are 100% ENERGY STAR Certified for comfort and savings. Learn more about the energy efficiency of a Design Tech home.


Design Tech Homes nails, glues, screws and uses tongue & groove sub floors on second stories and all elevated homes. This style of sub floor fits together without any gaps and has a wax coating that keeps squeaking to a minimum. Also, the thicker-than-average subfloor will reduce sagging of your upper level.

Heat & Air Conditioning

Design Tech Homes installs matched 15 SEER (electric) or 16 SEER (gas) Air Conditioning & Heat systems in all homes. This system includes the air handler, furnace, and condensing unit.

Home Ventilation

Design Tech Homes installs continuous Soffit and Ridge vents in the attic and roof allowing the house to have passive ventilation and moving moisture and hot air out of the attic. This makes your home more energy efficient, lowers heating bills, and extends the life of the HVAC equipment.

Whole Home LED Lighting

DTH uses LED lighting throughout the home to provide lighting that is more energy efficient, durable, versatile and longer lasting.

Tyvek HomeWrap

DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap® is the original house wrap, incorporating unique material science that helps keep air and water out, while letting water vapor escape.

Blown-in Fiberglass Insulation

DTH uses blown-in fiberglass insulation (R-15 at exterior walls, R-38 above conditioned space) to help reduce your energy bills and maximize the energy efficiency of your home. It also makes your home more comfortable year round while reducing noises from outside and also inside. It aids in improving the performance of your air conditioner and protects against air and moisture infiltration for a healthier environment.

Roof Shingles

Design Tech Homes uses CertainTeed StreakFighter® algae-resistant shingles. These shingles are made with a blend of surface granules that includes numerous copper-containing granules. Copper possesses natural anti-algae properties, and the copper in the granules is gradually released over time to provide reliable, long-term protection from algae formation to help a roof maintain its true luster.

Sensible Green Construction

Our commitment to environmentally-friendly construction contributes toward the preservation of your family, your environment, and your future. At Design Tech Homes, we have the flexibility to build a 100% green home utilizing everything from solar power to bamboo flooring—but some of these choices do not always make economic sense. So we’ve chosen to take a more balanced, cost-effective approach that blends quality design and construction with eco-friendly products and building methods.