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All Design Tech homes include the latest in smart home technology for your family’s convenience and peace of mind. With home automation, you can efficiently manage energy usage, which reduces your electric bills, while also enjoying the luxury, convenience and added security an automated home provides.


  • Smart Security System with Home Control and 6 months pre-paid security monitoring included
  • Advanced color touch-screen controller with Voice Control
  • Fully-wired system with contacts on exterior doors and all accessible windows
  • Arm and disarm your security system from any mobile device or PC
  • Remote Control and Notifications – Receive important alerts about events occurring in and around your home


  • Programmable thermostat saves up to 33% on annual heating and cooling costs
  • Thermostats can automatically adjust every time you arm or disarm your security system
  • Design customized scenes and schedules for comfort and energy savings
  • Control your thermostats on-the-go via your smartphone
  • Precise temperature control provides better comfort and fewer temperature swings. You can also create lockouts to keep temperature limited to a minimum or maximum setting—ideal in homes where children may attempt to adjust the thermostat


  • Turn lights on/off automatically when arming or disarming security system
  • Program scenes and schedules for ambience and security
  • Automatically turn lights on before you get home from work and off after you’ve gone to bed
  • Control lights from any remote location


  • Door Lock
    • – Unlock your door from the comfort of your office from your smartphone or tablet
    • – Set your door to lock when you arm your security system
    • – Unlock automatically when your child gets home from school
  • Garage Door Control
    • – Wondering if you forgot to close your garage door? Close it right from your smart phone.
    • – Set your garage to close whenever your security system is armed for extra peace of mind
  • Video Doorbell
    • – See who’s there… from anywhere
    • – Receive alerts when visitors are at your door.
    • – Enjoy two-way conversation with visitors on iPhone or iPad
    • – View color HD camera live day or night
  • Voice Control
    • – Convenient built in voice commands help your day run smoothly
    • – Say “Leave the House” to arm your security system, lock your door, close your garage and set your thermostat for energy savings