If you are ready to build a home and would like to work with caring experts who will have your back each step of the way, Design Tech Homes can help. In Boerne, TX, our experts will learn about you and the home you would like to craft, so that they can give you the results you want. We have the tools and training to do the job right and give you peace of mind. If you want a home that is the perfect fit for you and your family, you can count on us.

Building In Boerne, Tx Regulations & Guidelines

Building in Boerne for the first time? Looking for guidance and best practices for the city? For every city there are different rules and regulations when it comes to breaking ground. Luckily Design Tech Homes will guide you through every step of the way. Our knowledge of legal issues and permit codes for the city of Boerne will make your experience as easy as possible. For more information on city ordinances, visit the Official City of Boerne website to find more details.

Why Should I Choose Design Tech Homes?

We know you have many options when it comes to finding a custom home builder, but you will be happy to discover we have taken several steps to stand out from the competition with our:

  • Third-Party Inspections: We use third-party inspectors at several stages of the construction process to make sure your home is in the best possible shape, which gives you peace of mind. You will know what you are getting when you trust us to craft your dream home.
  • Energy Efficiency: We build ENERGY STAR certified homes that are built to meet strict energy efficiency guidelines. These energy-efficient designs will save you money in the long run.
  • Green Construction: In addition to keeping your needs in mind, we also strive to protect the environment. Our green approach to construction helps preserve the environment by minimizing your carbon footprint.

At Design Tech Homes, we have a simple mission that we uphold each day. We aim to provide quality home construction at affordable prices that won’t break your budget. We understand how important it is to build your home right the first time, which is why we never take shortcuts. The level of quality you get ensures you will enjoy your home for many years, and we will work with you at each step of the project to make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with your home.

Local Schools in Boerne, TX

BISD or Boerne Independent School District remains one of the fastest growing school districts in Central Texas. Boerne’s school district has 9,000+ students from grades pre-k to 12th grade and continues to grow. Teenagers will be pleased to attend Boerne Samuel V. Champion High School, which has a 96 percent attendance rate and impressive academic scores. You will also live in range of elementary and middle schools that provide children with the required tools for success. Your family will have the best schools to choose from for your children to strive academically. View the school zones using the link below:

Explore Everything Boerne Has to Offer

If you love going on adventures or shopping at upscale malls, you will feel right at home while living here. Several caves, hiking trails and parks are in the area for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. Many people love exploring these areas while spending time with their friends and family. Here is a list of some of the go-to places in Boerne:


  • Boerne City Center
  • The Alley on Main
  • Calamity Jane’s


  • Cave Without A Name
  • Cibolo Nature Center
  • Boerne City Park
  • Boerne City Lake Park
  • Cascade Caverns
  • Boerne Lake


  • Little Gretel Restaurant
  • The Creek Restaurant
  • Boerne Grill

City Services

Boerne provides an easy to use residents portal for its residents to not only pay their electric and water bills, traffic tickets and property tax on the site but which also allows them to report a number of issues including overgrown yards, unpermitted work, junk vehicles and potholes.

Create Your Dream Home with DTH

We are ready to start planning and building your dream home in Boerne, TX. You can take the next step by reaching out to our team at DTH and letting them know what you have in mind for a home. From there, we will take care of the rest. A quality home tailored to your unique needs and taste is something we are committed to achieving.

Everyone deserves to have a home that is right for them, and that is what you can get when you hire us for your project. If you have questions or would like to move forward, we encourage you to contact us as soon as you get the chance.