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Our Goal: Making your dream home come true

If you want to build your dream home, you may be feeling overwhelmed when you think about designing your own custom home.

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Getting your custom Magnolia home is easy with our turnkey, one-stop-shop service.



Model home tours
Custom home seminar
Land and homesite evaluation
On-site, full-service financing



Floor plan assistance
On-site, interior design service
Excellent craftsmanship
Third-party inspections



Quality assurance certification
Walk-through and acceptance
Extended warranty coverage
Future remodeling services

As a family-owned business, we’re here for you

The team at Design Tech Homes knows that choosing a custom home builder is a big step. No homeowner wants to partner with a contractor who does poor work or forgets them when issues arise.

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Over 20 years of Quality Assurance

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Lower your utility bills

Only custom builder in Texas whose homes are 100% inspected and certified by ENERGY STAR

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Breathe a little easier

Only custom builder in Texas whose homes are 100% inspected and certified by Indoor airPLUS

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Demand quality assurance

Only custom builder in Texas to undergo 3rd-party GUARDIAN™ certified inspections at 10 stages

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Get peace of mind

Every home is built to last and covered under a 20-year limited structural warranty

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Magnolia is a small city in Montgomery County, TX, and part of the greater Houston metro area.

Although the city may be small, it has plenty of heart and small-town classic charm. With direct access to The Woodlands, the City of Houston, and other local Texas areas, Magnolia is a great place to enjoy the rural parts of Texas while still having access to large urban areas.

Building In Magnolia, TX – Regulations & Guidelines

The City of Magnolia has laid out building and zoning codes that need to be followed in order to build a new home. You can read and learn more about the specific county codes by clicking here. The city requires:

  • Various building permits
  • Applicable Septic & Water  Permits
  • Development Permits

Why Choose Us to Build Your New Home?

At Design Tech Homes, we go the extra mile to make sure your home is exactly what you want. As a Magnolia home builder, we understand that it’s the details that really make your house a home. We meet and exceed all energy efficiency standards to ensure your home is as environmentally friendly and affordable as possible. We won’t make you choose between comfort and safety or functionality and beauty.

Our goal is to make your dream home come true in the Magnolia area. Whether if it’s in city limits or nearby, we offer customization, floor plans, and other home building options to make your home truly yours and unique. We offer warranties on both the workmanship and the structure of your home, and you get peace of mind knowing our homes are 100 percent ENERGY STAR-certified.

Magnolia City Services

Water, wastewater, and solid waste services are available. Most residents can choose their own electricity provider from a wide range of providers such as Centerpoint, Cirro Energy, TXU, Change Energy, or Champion Energy. Phone service is available from At&T, Sprint, Verizon, or Pioneer. Internet services are available through Dish Network, Xfinity, Earthlink, and AT&T.

Local Schools in Magnolia, TX

The primary school district serving the area is the Magnolia Independent School District.  The district operates the local Elementary, Jr. High, and High Schools.

Benefits of Living in Magnolia

Located on the rural outskirts of Houston and the greater Woodlands area, Magnolia has plenty of small-town charm to offer:


  • Mardi Gra on the Stroll
  • Dacing Umbrella Parade
  • Cajun Cook-Off
  • Depot Day Celebrations
  • Hometown Christmas


  • Texas House Antiques
  • The Calendar Garden


  • Unity Park
  • Nearby Sam Houston National Forest
  • Texas Piney Woods
  • Magnolia Depot Plaza
  • Various county and city parks

Build Your Dream Home!

Don’t work with just any custom home builder in Magnolia when planning your dream home. You deserve a team that cares about your needs and desires, and that is one of the many things that make us here at Design Tech Homes stand out from other home builders in the area. We listen when you speak and use the information you give us to craft our approach, which is how we give you exceptional results. Building a home is no small choice, and we will treat you the way we would want someone to treat us: like family.

We serve the following zip codes in Magnolia: 77353, 77354, 77355, and other surrounding zip codes in Montgomery County.

Read Customer Testimonies

Sandra S:
“We were very happy with our completed home. The process was smooth from beginning to end. We enjoyed working with Pat and Gabe. They were very professional and made sure our needs were met. Construction was ahead of schedule. We broke ground in March and our home was completed in September. We would definitely recommend DTH as your future home builder.”

Alvaro C:
“I finished my home with Design Tech homes a few months ago. The entire time they were extremely accommodating to my questions and any issues that arose during the process were fairly handled. I recently had a small warranty issue with my home and was extremely satisfied that Edgar handled it as soon as I called. My wife and I are very happy with our new home.”

Satisfied Home Owner:
“Design Tech finished up our home in July and everything we asked for we got. It is Beautiful. It turned out perfect. We loved working with Gabe, Andrew, and Ruby along with the rest of the team. We have had minimal issues with our home since we have moved in and when we do find something that was missed on the final walkthrough they are there to make it right as soon as possible. One of the things we loved about Working with Design Tech was that we were able to modify their floor plan to fit our needs such as raising ceiling height, adding a back porch area, and turning half baths into full baths. It is very energy efficient for its size and we get compliments constantly from neighbors and guests on how much they love the design and layout.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to own land?
In order to execute an agreement to build your home, you will need to have a property either owned or under contract to close, soon.

Does Design Tech Homes own any lots that I can buy?
We are a custom home builder that has specialized and one of the first to introduce the “Build on your Land” concept. We currently do not own any lots or land for you to purchase, however, we are constantly looking for available properties to purchase and this may change in the future.

Do you help us find land?
Our sales team can assist you in finding a Realtor® to help you locate a property to purchase.

What are Site Costs?
Site costs include things that are not part of the structure, things that allow your home to be built on the property, and things that provide utility services to the home. Site Costs may include, but not limited to, such things as Septic/Sewer, Water-line/Water Wells, electrical service to the home, driveways, sidewalks, culverts, additional grading material, additional foundation height, etc.

Are Site Costs included in your base prices?
Site costs are estimated during our initial site visit with you, your sales consultant, and the Construction & Area Managers; and then added to the cost of the project.

Can I do my own Site work?
You may perform certain site work on your property; in fact, most of the site work can be done by the land owner. We have specific guidelines to follow to ensure certain site work is performed properly. Your sales consultant can explain and help guide you through this process.

What is the average price per square foot for a custom home?
Custom Home Pricing includes a wide variety of variables that can dramatically affect the price of the project, so it is virtually impossible to quote an average. One small example: let’s compare a 50×50 home which has 2,500 square feet; but so does a 25×100 home. However, the 50×50 home only has 200 LF of frame and slab, when the 25×100 home has 250 LF. So, without even upgrading anything, you already have 50 LF more of framing, flooring, sheetrock, etc. So although it may be frustrating and appear your sales consultant is trying to dance around the question, he/she cannot answer it without knowing everything there is to know about the entire project, before pricing. We run about $120-$160/sf on average.

Can I provide my own materials, such as light fixtures or appliances?
You can select certain materials for your home; however, because we warrant your home and the installation of the materials, we must purchase them for you and have them installed by our vendors (i.e. trades, workers, laborers). If there are certain things you want, please consult with your sales consultant, immediately. Chances are, we carry the same product in our selection line or at least something very comparable.

I know several people that do certain things, like electricians and plumbers, can I use them?
All of our vendors must pass rigorous company guidelines to ensure your home is being built by the highest quality craftsman or licensed professions in the field. However, if you do have a specific vendor you’d like for us to use, please consult with you sales person, immediately, and he/she can get them in touch with the department that handles certifying all our vendors.

I want to finish my own interiors, will you build unfinished spaces?
We do construct unfinished spaces, such as future bonus rooms in attics, etc. However, we cannot construct an unfinished space in any area that would be considered as part of the livable square footage of the home. Please consult with your sales person and they can help guide you through this process.

Do you build GREEN?
Most of the materials used today in residential construction must be “green” per IBC’s (International Building Codes). For example, all paints must be free of or have very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). And, virtually all lumber is made from forest where they practice re-planting. If you have specific questions about any material, please consult with your sales person.

What if I want to use foam insulation instead of your BIB® system?
We build to the highest energy levels per the ENERGY STAR Certified Program®. In fact, we are typically the only “custom builder” listed on the Houston or San Antonio area per their web site. Therefore, we feel the BIB® System is a proven method of insulation. However, yes, we will use foam insulation if you still feel you would like it in place of the BIB® System. Your sales person can price this for you.

Can I include a pool in my plans?
Yes – we can assist you with including a pool in your project. We do not construct pools; however, we can work with your pool contractor and incorporate it into the project. You should consult with your lender, if financing, to ensure they will allow this to occur.

Do I have to sell my house first?
Most of our clients do not have to sell their current home before starting the construction process. This will be a topic to discuss with the construction lenders that you consider using.

How long does it take from start to finish?
Currently about 10-12 months from signing a contract to move-in. Location and size of project can vary timing.

Do you work on Allowances or a Fixed Cost?
We are a fixed cost builder. Initially we have some allowances as place holders in our contract, but once all selections are finalized, we offer a fixed cost for the entire project.

What is your warranty on the home?
1 year builder “bumper-to-bumper” warranty, ACES Warranty, Manufacturer’s Warranties

Do you handle the HOA/Architectural Control Committee approvals? What about Permits?
Yes. We will submit for, coordinate, and handle all aspects of obtaining approvals, permits, and any surveys needed.

Can you give me some references?
Absolutely. We can share references of clients in different stages of the process, as well as those with completed homes.

What if something doesn’t turn out right, or needs to be changed during construction?
We always want you to be completely satisfied. We will always do what is right, and help you get exactly what you want. We can make changes during construction if required, and is not uncommon for adjustments to be considered. “Whatever it takes!” is our perspective.

How many homes has DTH built?
Years in business? We have built nearly 3000 homes in Texas over the past 23 years.

Build Your Dream Home!

Everyone deserves to have a home that is right for them and their family, and that is what you can get when you hire us for your project. If you’re ready to make the City of Magnolia or the surrounding area your new home, we can help. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.